Bed Bath&more

Bed Bath&more

PIP STUDIO Bedding Collection

Sleep well in cheerful & crips duvet covers A duvet cover is an eye-catcher in your bedroom. At Pip Studio...

PIP STUDIO Bath&Shower

Enjoy your bath or shower with Pip Studio items A warm bath or a lovely long shower at the end of a long...


This collection is inspired  by the rich and colourful patterns of florals, leaves and stripes that have been woven...


Pip uses authentic inspiration to create prints with flowers and leaves in rich and dark colour. The result is a...

PIP STUDIO Homewear Collection

Enjoy the ambiance in your home with Pip studio patterns and fabrics. Discover our swimming and sports collection

Beach Towels

The Pip Flowers beach towel is made of 100% high-quality 400g/m2 cotton terry velour. Measures 100 cm x 180 cm. Also...

Van Gogh Museum

Inspired by Vincent van Gogh's paintings, the design team created luxury duvet covers and classic decorative...

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