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Duvet Cover Fall in Leaf Dark Blue

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Κωδικός Duvet Cover Fall in Leaf Dark Blue

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This dark blue duvet cover is decorated with the beautiful Fall in Leaf design. The Duvet cover Fall in Leaf is decorated with warm flowers, winter leaves, birds and butterflies. The botanical elements in this design provide a surprising combination. A small painted design has been incorporated into the surface, which gives a layered effect. The deep, rich colours and dark green background give this cover an extra rich look. The Oxford pillowcases have a striped trim and a unique tie closure made from woven ribbons with a lovely stripe pattern. The back of both the pillowcases and duvet cover have a stylized tile print with refined details. Giving you the choice of two sides to mix and match to suit your personal style. Dream away under this soft duvet cover.

This duvet cover is not only an eye-catcher in your bedroom, as a result of 100% high-quality Percale cotton this duvet cover is very soft. Percale is finely woven high-quality cotton with a thread count of 200.

Προϊόν διαθέσιμο με διαφορετικές επιλογές

Decorative cushion Poppy Stitch has a design made up of flowers and leaves with a coarsely woven jacquard look. The rich colours on a deep red background give this cushion an extra luxurious look. The back has a stylized tile print with refined details. T

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