Pip Deco Cushions

Pip Deco Cushions

Cheerful decorative cushions for a warm look 

Decorative cushions are the eye-catcher of your sofa or bed. Are you also fan of cushions that will give an extra touch to your interior? If you are, take a look at the beautiful decorative cushions of Pip Studio which will meet your expectations! Whether you go for exotic prints or a calm design, you will find it all at Pip Studio.

Unique cushions of high quality

The decorative cushions of Pip Studio not only create some extra atmosphere, but it’s also made of high quality. You can choose for velvet, cotton or polyester cushions that will meet everyones wishes. Are you going to give your house a make-over?

Colours and models of decorative cushions

The decorative cushions of Pip Studio are available in different colours and models which are easy to mix and match. Whether you are a fan of pink, red of blue cushions, at Pip Studio the range is wide enough to find your favourite. In addition tot he surprising colours, the decorative cushions are also available in different models, including the square ad rectangular cushions. What is your favourite?

Unique designs

All decoratve cushions have their own unique design and print that will complete your interior. Do you love prints with a lot of nature and flowers?  Discover the Quilty Dreams or Bonsoir collection if you are more in love with the calm patterns.

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