Royal Winter White

Royal Winter White


Create magical moments (throughout the holidays) with our magnificent
Winter White collection.
This new Royal collection is designed to celebrate life.
A Christmas or birthday dinner, moments you celebrate with your loved ones or perhaps
you want to turn your breakfast into a special moment each morning.
Specially designed for you and for all the special moments you want to hold onto.
A collection which is the response to a desire to create a high class and elegant
tableware line in white and golden colours. All tableware items are made of the same
delicate porcelain as the Royal and Royal White tableware and can also be endlessly
combined with these two existing ranges.
To complete this Winter White feeling we also created beautiful vases and sophisticated
decoration elements like a sparkling Christmas star, elegant ornaments all in white and
golden colours. Create an extra warm and festive feeling in your home with
this magical Winter White collection.

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