Art de la Table

Your tableware is the eyecatcher during dining. Whether you are looking for a colourful or a beautiful white tableware, you can choose from various collections that will meet your wishes!

On the hunt for the perfect porcelain tableware? At SANDRA SA you can find several collections with unique designs and beautiful colours. Which collection do you choose?

Early Bird

The early Birds tableware collection  consists of a variety of patterns designed to mix&match and create a...

Royal Collection

The Royal tableware collection features unique shapes and delicate porcailain. The pieces inlclude elements from...

Jolly Collection Green

With the Jolie Collection we take on a trip to a treasured Island , a truly happy place with all the unique tropical...

Blushing Birds Collection

East meets West in the beautiful Blushing Birds Collection. Influences from each culture create exciting new...


In this collection their two worlds come together. Pip’s mother grew up in Indonesia, where her father, thus Pip’s...

Pip Studio Glassware

Pip Studio glassware Time to replace your old glasses with new glassware? Or are you looking for the right...


Join us on a journey to Japan with the Flower Festival collection The Flower Festival collection is...


This collection is inspired by all the treasures you can find in a long walk in our winter forests .Besides the a...

VTWOVEN Dinnerware Relievo Green

Love this tableware .Deep green with a touch of retro.

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